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XOXO 2018

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This year at XOXO 2018 there was a project called Dear Future Me, in which attendees were encouraged to write a postcard to themselves which will be mailed to them in August next year, before the next XOXO. I did not get around to writing a postcard to myself, partly because I had a hard time putting into words what I wanted to tell my future self. Maybe I have the words now, although they still feel too awkward and strange in my head to fit neatly on a postcard… But what I keep thinking I want to express to future me is that I hope they have learned to accept the love and friendship that now abounds in their life with more grace and less fear. I never want to lose the sense of wonder and gratitude that I have for this bounty but I would like to be a little less surprised by it.

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Three Years of XOXO


This weekend I would probably be in Portland, OR for XOXO like I was the last three years if there were one this year. I appreciate the Andys taking a break and although I’m missing it this year, I’m also kind of glad to have a break. It’s always a good idea to take some time to rest and/or reflect at some after major creative endeavors. Every year it has meant something different and greater than the year before and I’m sure that will continue to be true if (when) it comes back.

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