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Well, I finally finished the first flowchart for love/space (i.e., the first major chunk of writing plus establishing the structure and most of the scripting). Scripting from here on out is mostly copy/paste/modify, rather than problem solving, which is mostly good, except that I love problem solving so I’m a bit sad that most of the focus from here on is writing. I love writing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s much more of a struggle for me than the rest of it.

Also, brain and eyes so tired, I think I need to make sure to take a night off here and there. I have been working on this pretty much every night (and all weekend) since Friday. Spending all day working and then continuing to stare at a computer screen when I get home is a bit… tiring.

Still, I’m pretty happy with my progress. My hope is to have most of the writing done by the end of the week and then I can focus on polish/tweaking for the last week before the submission is due.

6-6-2015 11-01-41 PM

I’ve been sharing screenshots on twitter but it occurs to me I should post them here as well! This is the UI for love/space, the game I’m currently working on for the WAG Challenge! Can you guess what the icons on the control panel stand for?

I’m building it in Unity3d with Fungus, a neat little asset/scripting package for making visual novels in Unity.

In love/space you play a woman who is part of a crew seeking a new home for humanity. Something goes wrong along the way and she’s left alone with an increasingly unreliable AI and memories of the love she left behind. What happened to the crew? Can she fix whatever’s wrong with the ship’s AI? It’s up to you to figure it out! The game will be available on itch.io at the end of the month.