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As one of my resolutions this year was to blog more often, I thought I’d start the year out with something relatively simple: a meme. A variant on the popular ’30 Days of Movies’ meme, this will be 30 Days of Video Games.

30 Days of Video Games, Day 1: 
Best video game you played last year

Without a doubt, this is Skyrim. Although I’ve set it aside for a time in favor of Star Wars, it is still by far the best game I played last year. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only who thinks so, considering how much amazing fan art, music, mods and memes (arrow in the knee?) the game has inspired.

Skyrim is, in fact, kinda metal:


It is also pretty epic:

Be back tomorrow, with Day 2: a game that I’ve played all the way through at least twice.


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