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I mentioned in my first post that I was a huge fan of the Android OS so it seems only right that I should recommend a few games to my fellow Android fans.

First a few quibbles – the touch screen/OS is still not quite responsive enough (at least on my¬†T-Mobile G2) for a lot of games. I’ve found that strategy/tower defense games are generally best, which is good, because I’m a total tower defense game addict. I haven’t played too many RPGs with interfaces that I liked, sadly.

Anyway, on to the games.

  • HexDefense is a pretty little tower defense game with a hex grid which is being invaded by a variety of geometric shapes (visually it’s somewhat similar to Geometry Wars) with a nifty techno soundtrack. There are 4 tower options – a basic shooter, a cannon, a laser and an aoe pulse tower – and the key to victory, generally speaking, is placement and utilizing and upgrading a healthy mix of these tower types.
  • RoboDefense is another excellent tower defense game (link goes to a review).
  • Tower Raiders 2 GOLD – yet another awesome tower defense game
  • Plants vs Zombies – one of the most popular tower defense games of all time, this awesome little gem is finally available for Android. When I saw this pop up on the Amazon appstore, I squee’ed so hard.
  • Gem Miner is a strangely addictive little game where you play a little guy who just mines his heart out so he can get ore to upgrade his pick so he can mine even more…
  • Farm Frenzy a simple little farming sim but lots of fun.
  • Angband for Android – okay, this one might be a little esoteric for a lot of you, but if you were ever a fan of rogue-like ascii dungeon crawlers, you might be familiar with Angband (one of the best of the lot, based on The Lord of the Rings setting). The Android port is not without its issues, but overall, it’s pretty good and they’re working on the interface all the time.

And that’s it for now. What about you? Any recommendations for me?


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